Our Mission

Creating harmony with the self, one another, and the planet we depend on.

Our Vision

A world of informed and engaged individuals making sustainable choices which positively affect their own wellbeing, their communities, and the environment.

Planet Earth is home for all of us.

Our Challenge

Planetary collapse has human implications.

According to thousands of peer-reviewed articles all over the globe, we are currently left with 7 years to turn the tide on climate change and biodiversity loss to curtail the resultant disasters of famine, forced migration, human trafficking, and more that have begun in the developing world.

Frontline communities lack information.

Millions of people worldwide depend daily on their natural surroundings to survive and provide for their families, yet as they face the brunt end of the costs of our own comfort and convenience, their soil and water keeps dwindling, and they are often last to hear about what is expected, and what they can do to adapt.

Resources are scarcest where need is greatest.

Desertification, mass flooding, sinking islands, unmanaged deforestation. All this and more is occurring in parts of the world that lack the funding needed to counteract disaster. On the positive side, there is great potential for reforestation, carbon control, and collective action to occur in these places.

Our Solution

Enlist global partners and activate humans.

We abide by the African proverb, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” By linking changemakers all over the world, we facilitate a greater impact.

Boots on the ground in the developing world.

Our local partners provide continuous impact at the national and regional level. Our global team acts as a catalyst, strategic guide, and accountability partner to this network of organizers, activists, and educators.

Focus on scalability and continuity.

Sustainability is important at the organizational level as well. We are committed to growing at a pace that places impact and accountability first. We work hard to keep it real in a world full of self-aggrandizement and greenwashing.

Our Programs

Impact Media

Thanks to the 4-year legacy of Conservation Music, we specialize in the composition and production of targeted educational music and video content. 

ESD Curriculum

We collaborate with global experts to develop highly engaging Education for Sustainable Development tools.

Strategic Partnerships

Connecting changemakers at home with the boots on the ground, and monitoring impact to ensure accountability.

Advocacy Campaigns

Reaching decision makers is one of the best ways to create change at scale. We believe in the power of negotiation, rapport, and creativity to find solutions.

Live Events and Solar Cinemas

Live engagement with groups is one of mankind’s oldest forms of community building and collective action. It works today.

Capacity Building

Developing tools and delivering trainings for artists, educators, and activists is essential to scale our impact exponentially.

Supporting the Global Goals

Through our education and advocacy programs, Earthsong supports and promotes every single one of the SDGs. Not only does our organization publicize the SDGs through impact media and programs, but within our operations as we work to empower and collaborate with capable and talented individuals, old and young, throughout the world. Our team members have been privileged to contribute to the SDG conversation at conferences all over the world, including the UN General Assembly in New York and the UN Environment Assembly in Nairobi.

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We’re raising money to fund our efforts in education, poverty alleviation, conservation, and carbon sequestration all over the world.

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