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What’s in a name?

On Earth Day’s 50th anniversary, the team behind Conservation Music is very excited to launch Earthsong, a brand new 501(c)(3) public charity!

Earthsong is the culmination of four years of learning, experimentation, research, and experience on the part of Conservation Music’s founder, team, and the communities we serve. These two organizations will work together very closely as Earthsong carries on the programmatic arm of our work, and Conservation Music continues to publish the remainder of its unreleased educational media productions. 

A Holistic Approach

After four years working with students, celebrities, volunteers, villagers, expats, and refugees, our team has become acutely aware of just how deeply integrated environmental and humanitarian development challenges are. We cannot tackle one issue without incorporating the rest, meeting people “where they’re at” while addressing their individual hierarchy of needs through education and advocacy. 

We need a musical movement which takes mental health, social justice, inequality, abuse, disability, public health, and poverty into account. Earthsong educates and inspires artists, activists, educators, and our audience toward a greener planet inhabited by informed and engaged individuals coexisting in a healthy society.


Learn More At weareearthsong.org!